Breathless Tour


I believe that life is a journey we only take once. Whatever you do is your legacy for all eternity.

If anyone were to ask me why I am here, I think the answer would be for me to say that the universe gave me a chance to make a mark. All life has a chance to make a difference in some way. Even the smallest blade of grass has a purpose.

Seize Every Moment You Can

Make every minute of the day count for something. You should love every breath you take. You should feel the power of your life flowing through you.

When I must work in silence I pick uplifting music to listen to. Some days I love listening to Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Some days I want to hear Spanish guitar music.

Music has the power to change our moods and uplift our spirits. I always have something to listen to. When I am feeling down I put on happy songs. I don't want to feel sad. I want to enjoy the energy of my life and feel the love in my soul.

Plan for Change

Every day is an opportunity to grow, to meet new challenges, to adapt to ever-changing life. My breathless tour through life allows me to experience new things, to express new thoughts, and to feel new sensations.

Why would I want to live any other way?

My heart aches for those who are so burdened by pain they cannot feel the wonder in their souls that I reap. I hope they find peace in some gentle way. I trust there is a hand guiding them on their journeys.

My journey is one of constant change. I settle nowhere for long. I keep only those habits which make me happy. And I cherish the sad farewells when I move on from friends and workers. Mine is a wandering spirit. I cannot be happy in a single place for long.

This is My Gift to You

May you find the peace you desire.

May your life be enriched by love and respect.

May all your hurts be healed and left behind you.

And may your journey lead you to a rich and wondrous experience every day from now on.