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About Me

My name is Sarah.

I grew up in a small town in the east USA. It was a wonderful, loving place for me. But I knew as I went through high school I wanted more. I committed to finding a college my parents could afford and that was close enough to home that I could visit them.

My dad's work often took him on the road. He sometimes took the family with him. We loved those road trips and I missed them when I was in college. Driving home to visit the family every few months made me feel like I was still on the road with them.

When I graduated from college I had a degree in communications. I thought I could be a thoughtful journalist or publicist. Life didn't work out the way I thought it would.

I've changed jobs several times. Each time I move to a new city and face a new challenge. I meet new friends. I find new places to enjoy.

I've had the best career a young woman can have. I live as I please and take life one stride at a time.

Thank you for visiting my site. May you be happy and blessed.

Sarah G.